GDE log in problem

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GDE log in problem

Postby neieljair » 2020-02-13 22:56

I have installed Debian 10 Cinnamon a few days ago alongside Windows 10, it worked perfectly, but I didn't like the Cinnamon desktop environment, so I decided to change to Gnome, since I'm sort of familiar with it. The thing is, when I installed the GDE, I would be able to get to the log in screen, but as soon as tried to log in, the computer would crash, usually the whole PC would freeze and I couldn't do anything else but to force a shutdown but sometimes the mouse pointer would move and I would be able to change things like volume and brightness from the keyboard shortcuts only, but nothing beyond that; the PC would remain showing a grey-ish screen.

The problem would solve when I switch to Cinnamon, I'd have to reboot the PC right after though. So I thought that maybe downloading an ISO of Debian 10 with GDE preinstalled would be a good idea, and it worked great in the Live USB, so I installed it. But now the very same problem persists regardless of having installed GDE 'natively'. I tried accessing the terminal by pressing Ctrl + F1/F2 or Ctrl + Alt + F1/F2 but every time I did so, the computer would crash again and I would be unable to use the mouse or whatever, forcing me to hard reset the PC every time. I'm clueless about what should I do.

I also tried running nomodeset but the PC would not even load up the OS, it would only show a black screen with a single "_" in it. noacpi didn't do anything, however when I was using Cinnamon, I had to use noacpi or it would get stuck.

My specs are:
  • Intel UHD Graphics 630
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050
  • Diskdrive: ST1000LX015-1U7172
  • the PC is ACPI x64-bits based

BTW, I had installed Ubuntu before with GDE too, and I didn't run into any problems related to GDE specifically.
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