ufw blocking my openvpn server

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ufw blocking my openvpn server

Postby procyon108 » 2020-12-05 02:46

I am running OpenVPN server via docker on my Debian 10 server.

My clients can not connect to the server when ufw is enabled on the server. I have allowed port 1194 in ufw, yet when the firewall is active, there is no access to the vpn at all.

When ufw is disabled, the connection works fine.

Aside form port 1194, what am I failing to allow in the firewall configuration?
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Re: ufw blocking my openvpn server

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2020-12-05 10:02

You should probably post your firewall configuration. And have you seen https://blog.daknob.net/debian-firewall-docker/?

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