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Global questions

Postby Benlouisiana » 2020-12-18 22:50

Hi everyone,

I use differents distros for years, all base on Debian. Nothing very fancy, I use it very simply.
My question: Is Debian the best to personalyse my desktop? I mean with the most posibility. If yes, with Gnome?
There is a place where I could find how to access all of those personalysation? What to install etc.. I just mean the look of it.
Why? My idea is the take times to personalyse my OS and create an ISO from there. Kind of creating my own OS.
Does it sounds stupid? lol

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Re: Global questions

Postby mm3100 » 2020-12-19 03:53

There is a tool dconf that can help you save/load all your gnome configuration files, is that is what you are looking for.

Examples how to use here
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