Hibernation does not work on debian 11, help me please

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Hibernation does not work on debian 11, help me please

Postby johnwick2021 » 2021-02-19 17:42

Hello guys,

Well, I'm a beginner in linux, I installed debian 11 on my old notebook, and I'm using KDE, I've tried all the tutorials I found on youtube and google to activate hibernation, but it doesn't work even though the feature is visible. .when i click on hibernate it just turns off my session and when i come back from hibernation the session starts again, that is, there is no difference between hibernating and turning off. I need the hibernate feature because I don't have any more battery in this notebook, so to take it to another room I have to turn it off, and with hibernation I can resume where I left off.

To be registered here, my BIOS doesn't have many options, and I don't know if the problem is bios because I had windows 10 and hibernation worked perfectly on it.

I have an 8GB swapfile housed in /, I will put my debian version below:
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5.10.0-3-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.10.13-1 (2021-02-06) x86_64 GNU/Linux

Sorry if the English is not very good, I'm using a translator
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Re: Hibernation does not work on debian 11, help me please

Postby mm3100 » 2021-02-19 22:12

Swap file/partition should be at least size of your RAM, and have you looked on debian wiki for hibernation with swap file?

But I think it would way easier if you would make swap partition instead. Also do you have safe boot turned on? Since that disables hibernation.
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Re: Hibernation does not work on debian 11, help me please

Postby Penaut Butter » 2021-02-20 00:54

How much RAM do you have johnwick2021? If you have 8GiB of RAM in order to be able to hibernate, your swap partition or file must be 16GiB minimum (twice the amount of your RAM for swap), Otherwise it will only suspend since suspension happens in RAM and not in swap. Hibernation is suspension to disk, so you must have twice the amount (lets say you have 8GiB of RAM, your swap file must be 16384 MB), there are several tutorials on how to properly delete the old swap file, and replace it with a new one, they're very easy.
It will make no difference to your problem to have a swap partition or file.

Now, as mm3100 says. If you want to use hibernation, Safe Boot must be disabled in BIOS.

Edit: Keep in mind that if you're using the BTRFS filesystem, a swap file has some considerations, like having to place the swap file in a non-compressed, non-snapshotted, subvolume.
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Re: Hibernation does not work on debian 11, help me please

Postby ab1jx » 2021-02-21 22:40

Try apropos hibernate then read what that finds if anything. In this Bullseye I see systemd-hibernate-resume, systemd-hibernate-resume@.service, 4 or 5 things. It seems to keep changing. If you have spare unpartitioned space a devoted hibernate partition can also be useful. Mixing hibernate data and swap data makes no sense to me, but I guess people do it.

Batteries are a pain in laptops, and expensive. I've usually not had working batteries. I did recently have a revelation which probably doesn't help: The computer runs on 5 and maybe 3 volts. There's a switchmode power supply in there converting 13 volts or whatever battery voltage down to 5. You could gut an old battery pack, solder in wires, and run it from a car battery. Not portable though. My solution was to buy a new Pinebook Pro for $200 that comes with a battery which runs for close to 8 hours, you can replace it for $20. Love the ARM stuff.
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