Installing a desktop environment?

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Re: Installing a desktop environment?

Postby Romane » 2009-11-27 12:46

jollysnowman wrote:
Romane wrote:have a gecko

Is that Australian slang for "have a go"??? I'm totally gonna start using that.


You have given me a most enjoyable chuckle. Glad you like it and you are most welcome to use it. Actually is more along the lines of "go and take a look". Australian? Dunno - been using it for more years than can remember (ssshhhh!!! I'm not really that old) and most everyone here I talk to know what I mean (but some grin at me in a funny way).

But then, my wife says I'm the first person she has heard say to "have a gecko". Most will say to "have a sticky" or to "have a gander".

With greetings

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