A Beginners Introduction to Enlightenment.

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A Beginners Introduction to Enlightenment.

Postby Bro.Tiag » 2009-12-09 04:36

First order of business, what is a Desktop Environment (DE), a window manager (WM) and just for good measure The X Window System (X). For additional information on DE's & WM's have a read of everybody's favourite Window Managers for X Site. Now onto a beginners introduction to Enlightenment or E. E has two offerings, Development Release (DR) 16 (e16) and DR-17 (e17).

Enlightenment DR-16

e16 is a well established window manager released in 2000, is stable and well developed, the most current version is 1.0.1 and was released on 10 September 2009. e16 has a low overhead, is highly graphical, widely theme-able, extremely configurable, yet is an unobtrusive interface.

It runs on pretty much any architecture including windows (not sure 'bout OSX never tryed, but aye on linux on powerpc's) and pretty much any operating system. It integrates easily with gnome & KDE, it's not matched to Xfce but treats it as gnome, plus stand alone applications. Their are also a set of epplets for e16. Epplets are small, handy Enlightenment applets, similar to dockapps or applets for other packages. Nearly all functions of the window manager can be handled without mouse input, including application launching via e16keyedit.

e16 is just " an apt-get install e16 " away. The version in lenny is not the newest on offer, but is fully developed & functional. The version in squeeze & sid is the latest release.

Here are a few screen shots (HINT: click in the images);

Image Image
Image Image

Additional themes for e16 are on offer at, Themes for your Enlightenment! (e16).

Enlightenment DR-17

e17 of the Enlightenment window manager represents an evolution into the next generation of desktop environments: the desktop shell. e17 will provide integration between files and your environment in a seamless manner while encompassing a graphically rich and flexible architecture. It will not compete with gnome or KDE, but be a completely new way of visualizing your desktop, based around the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) which was built from the ground up for this task.

Still in heavy development, several applications that will be part of the e17 release and examples of what is possible are already available in SVN, such as Entice, Entrance, and Evidence.

Here are a few screen shots (HINT: click in the images);

Bling Bling_______A custom background I did for Freespire
Image Image

OzOs Default

Some useful e17 sites;
Shameless self promotional plugs
OzOs the reality different
CafeLinux Forum
Debian & Enlightenment

e17 is on offer for sid via APT and it's fairly up to date and newer then the one in experimental. Since e17 is still under development and is not even considered at the alpha stage (in other words it's ustable) building from source is still recommended. Although if one just wants to have a look at it & give it a test ride the one in the repo is easier to install. For those whom might be adventurous, I've a wee How To, The Optimum OzOs Experience on Debian GNU/linux.

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Re: A Beginners Introduction to Enlightenment.

Postby 4D696B65 » 2009-12-09 04:50

Thanks Bro.Tiag
I had a look at e17 in months past and am on the fence about it
I do like it
I just need to learn how to make it productive.
It is pretty. elive makes i look nice.
I guess it is a learning curve and a paradigm breaker.
I look forward to learning more.
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Re: A Beginners Introduction to Enlightenment.

Postby craigevil » 2009-12-09 05:47

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Re: A Beginners Introduction to Enlightenment.

Postby nadir » 2009-12-09 08:28

an e17-foo-master once told me it would be a good thing to install e17 from source-
at least and minimum once.
i think he was right (not that my source-builds would have been outstanding sucessfull).

The install from source with the OzOs script is an easy way to go, if you run into trouble you will get help at the forum, and it comes with a few very usefull tools (like a backup of your running e17-install in case you upgrade to a newer svn-version).

Its not a bad idea to start of with that one (instead of the binaries)
My last few OzOS-builds all have been without issues (on different branches of debian, on mint7 and butnut9.10)
for all of them i follow the last How-to linked to by BroTiag in the OP( this one )
and after 1/2 an hour:
The most incredible and really unbelievable dream has become true:
You compiled e17 successfully!
Starting e17:
If you're using a login manager (GDM/KDM), select the session type 'Enlightenment' in them.
Rasterman didn't write this script so don't ask him for help with it.
We hope you will enjoy your trip into e17... Have fun!

compare it with this and you get an idea about its comfort :-)

2 cents worth? i`m not sure, but any donation will be accepted.

PS: thanks for the intro and all the links, Bro.Tiag.
perhaps add this one too :mrgreen:
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