Must have Repos?

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Must have Repos?

Postby me.argentino » 2009-12-11 11:15

Hello, my first post! hooray!

I am a linux fan, especially dists that run debian!

I currently went nuts and installed Lenny with xfce... speed to the max (and I thought Karmic was fast!). The reason is that I need to run a VM that I can give it most of the system resources, that is why I went with such a light host.

BUT, the repos that the installation came with, wont even give me htop! When I wanted to install Vbox, there were a ton of deps missing. I did a search for them on the debian repo search on the website and the deps are there.

What are the urls for these debian repos? And which other ones are a MUST?

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Re: Must have Repos?

Postby nadir » 2009-12-11 13:20

scroll a bit down this post:
the sources for stable and testing.
if you run stable (aka ) lenny you need:
the sources for debian, security and volatile, all stable
you may want to add backports and multimedia.

when you copy and paste from craigevils post remove the # in front of the lines.
perhaps post your sources list here to be sure you dont run into trouble.
ah: hooray. yes: hooray.

edit: you don`t need contrib and non-free in each case.
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Re: Must have Repos?

Postby me.argentino » 2009-12-11 14:09

AH! I skimmed that post, but I missed it! :oops:

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