Ever wonder why your post isn't getting answered?

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Ever wonder why your post isn't getting answered?

Postby Absent Minded » 2010-01-31 11:06

Hello and welcome to the Debian Users Forum. If you are here you are likely wondering why it is that your post is not getting the attention you feel it deserves. I am just going to list a few of the common reasons that you post may be getting over looked.

The most common reason that your post would not be getting a response is that no one has come by yet that has enough knowledge to help you.

Next most likely reason: You have posted during a dead time on the forum and you will need to wait until things pickup on the forum for someone to answer.

The third most likely reason is that you have not provided enough information on your problem for someone to help you. Try adding as much detailed information on the problem as you can along with what machine you have and it's specifications as well as specifically stating which version of Debian you are using.

It is possible that you post hit during a very busy time and has gotten lost in the massive amount of new posts. If after several hours you have not received a response try to find something pertant to your problem and post additional information.

Lastly, it is possible that people are feeling put off by your post for some reason. So check for these things in your post:

1. Sarcasm twards Debian, this will often times put people off.
2. Have you tried to find resources to help yourself? Make sure that you are listing as much of the things that you have done to try and remidy the problem you are having on your own. Most people here enjoy helping others, HOWEVER... Make SURE you have read "What we expect you to have done already." as we want to teach you how to help yourself so that you can later help others. *If you are not willing to do any of the legwork for yourself why should we do all the work for you? We are not paid to be here, we are all volunteers. If you are just looking for handouts it maybe best to look for a different distribution as Debian may not be meant for you. Distribution Forums Like Ubuntu's are good for this type of mentality.

* This is my personal view of a possible senerio, Debian and the Debian Users Forum does not nessarly hold this view.
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