xfce won't start. help.

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xfce won't start. help.

Postby joemartin » 2010-02-13 17:57

Deleted gnome completely after deciding on xfce.

I am going directly to my login prompt on startup instead of going automatically into xfce desktop.

What command do I use at startup to launch xfce? How do I get to go to xfce automatically on startup?

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Re: xfce won't start. help.

Postby Bulkley » 2010-02-13 18:03


I wonder if you removed GDM. That's your login manager. You don't need it but if you want, reinstall it.
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Re: xfce won't start. help.

Postby smallchange » 2010-02-13 18:04

The answer is in this post
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Re: xfce won't start. help.

Postby nadir » 2010-02-13 23:07

bit more of info:
in case you ain't got a login-manager you usually get one window-manager/environment set as default. so a simple "startx" is usually fine to open that one. Just like Bulkley has already said.

nonetheless i create a .xinitrc file in my home-directory from the very beginning (as i got different desktop-environments and window-managers).
the syntax is quite simply.
cd # to go to the home-directory
nano .xinitrc # to create a file called just like that
exec startfluxbox
exec enlightenment_start
exec gnome-session
exec e16

to figure out which command is needed to start i search with grep for the wm in /usr/bin
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ls /usr/bin | grep xfce

and search for something with start or something with session
for xfce i get this:
so an entry like:
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exec startxfce4

should work.

i guess thats not what you want, but simply installing a login-manager (say gdm) and be done with it.
perhaps it will be of use someday.

if you want to go for autologin anyway you don't need a login-manager:
but, if you ask me, login-managers are quite comfortable stuff to handle such things.
if i missed your point: sorry.
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Re: xfce won't start. help.

Postby dbbolton » 2010-02-14 01:04

nadir wrote:to figure out which command is needed to start i search with grep for the wm in /usr/bin
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ls /usr/bin | grep xfce

To save a couple of keystrokes, you can do:
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ls /usr/bin/*xfce*

Or if you know the name of the command but want to know where it is, you can use which
Code: Select all
which openbox

which bash
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