How to get Wine 1.1.42 on Debian Testing?

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How to get Wine 1.1.42 on Debian Testing?

Postby Dreakon » 2010-04-12 02:30

It seems the Debian Testing repo's I'm using...

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deb testing main contrib non-free 
deb testing/updates main contrib non-free

(these are the correct repo's for debian testing rolling release, right?)

...have the 1.1.41 version. I've tried following the directions on the WineHQ site as well and attempted getting wine off of their repo's (deb squeeze (and sid) main), also it wanted to install 1.1.41 for me. Unfortunately 1.1.41 has a nasty problem of games and applications trying to force me to install things to the C:/windows directory, effectively keeping me from installing some software... a bug which is supposedly fixed in 1.1.42, so having the latest version is kind of important to me.

Is there any way other than building the source for 1.1.42 and manually installing it to actually get the latest version on my Debian Testing? How long does it normally take for new versions of Wine to get into the repo's?

Thanks for any help! I'm pretty new to most of this, so I could be completely off lol. :)
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Re: How to get Wine 1.1.42 on Debian Testing?

Postby pentode » 2010-04-14 20:28

I don't see it listed anywhere. Experimental is probably where it might show up first. But these bleeding edge Wine updates often solve one problem and create two new ones.
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Re: How to get Wine 1.1.42 on Debian Testing?

Postby bugsbunny » 2010-04-14 22:34

These sometimes seem to skip a version so it may not update until .43, or it may get .42 shortly

Those packages are OK. I prefer getting them from the Debian repos (package wine-unstable), and have also been known to compile them myself, but at the moment I don't need any patches (so no need to compile). The Debian maintainer is waiting on a toolchain upgrade so he can build wine-gecko. His hands are currently tied due to a combination of Debian policy and changes in the way that wine is installed (basically gecko has become a required component. That means he has to be able to build it himself, with a toolchain available within the Debian version that he's releasing for. At the moment he can't).
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