Corrupted Files in Debian

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Corrupted Files in Debian

Postby khatkarrohit » 2011-04-25 17:57

I am having a strange problem with my PC. I have 2 hard drives of WD ,One is 1 TB and other is 2 TB capacity. I have installed Debian 6 in 1 TB hard drive from live DVD. Before it I was using Ubuntu 10.10, the same problem was their in Ubuntu too.

Whenever I download new files in 1 TB hard drive or copy files into it or from it then they got corrupted. When files are in 2 TB hard disk then they show the correct checksum but after copying into 1 TB their checksum changes and when I try to write them in DVD the DVD shows error when played.

I have to install Windows to download Debian live DVD and then from windows I burnt it onto DVD. Then after installing Debian I copied that ISO file of debian onto 1 TB hard disk then it shows different SHA1/md5 checksum. I use the virtual box to install it virtually and it is not installing and shows error.

Is their any problem in software or in the hard disk.
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Re: Corrupted Files in Debian

Postby mvdan » 2011-04-25 20:37

The problem seems to come from the 1TB hard drive. I would wipe it and check the disk using the disk utilities and the SMART data / tests.

If you get any errors, that means that the hard drive is at least broken in some parts. I had the same with one of mine, and the problem was that a few sectors were broken, and anything that was copied in there (without any errors given) was not copied correctly and hence was not usable.

Hope this helps!
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