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Re: Helpful Debian Links

Postby farukdgn » 2015-04-25 09:21

#0: :lol: (sorry)
This is good for beginners like me:
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Re: Helpful Debian Links

Postby slackguy » 2015-08-31 20:03

cool list. but omitted there are debain developer package management web site(s) that show which packages are in what state as whether they are in next release / have build on build server / etc. the "sites that admins use they dont give password access to really using"

but sux? "how to open application as root on X11"


you log into X as root from the X Login. A program that invites root on users desktop is NOT "the right way". Convient yes. but right way , no way.

X11 has XSecurity(1) does work but isn't perfect. and i bet sux has NO IDEAD what is set or not set when it runs, which would be essential to offering security rather than damaging it.

xhost(1) and it's compliments already offer the same service (credentials tool for X11)

sux is "nice but not necessary" and gksu might just as good, security already being in a loose manner
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Re: Helpful Debian Links

Postby slackguy » 2015-08-31 20:11

How do i run buggy segfault software on real hardware after logging in as root at the X Login (by using Xserver as root) (you can trust X11 probably, twm probably: many x11 apps or gnome, no way)

You dont: have fun rebooting! Your hardware might be damaged!

The original reason for cpu security (even old processors had it) was to prevent glass tube transistors from melting.

and still: root access can damage your hardware (ie, even by authorizing a refusal to serve an interrupt when the same is critical).

your safer to run as a user unless doing something critical. and if your doing something critcal you probably shouldn't be using "buggy desktop software" to do it

ie, if i run "really buggy software" as root not only might i get segfaults i might start hearing the PC fan change speed before the pc locks up. NOT GOOD.

(today's root access is actually partly protected by drivers and kernel - but it's still not a good idea to run buggy software on bad hardware (all video cards are, as far as unix is concerned, bad hardware) )
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