samba out of intranet

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samba out of intranet

Postby pipio » 2004-04-28 05:25

I have a problem: I can't get my router configurated, that my 3 computers get intranet IP's (like or 192.168....) not with dhcp or static.

But I like to get some files from one computer to the next. And I rather not use http or ftp. I like to use Samba for this (It is easier to down- and upload thrue a browser that way) because it seems that this problem isn't going to fixed for a while.

So my question is can I use samba on the internet. Because my computers have al other IP (DHCP server ISP)?
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Postby pintobean » 2005-03-09 20:00

It seems to me that Samba is really best used for sharing files on a local network only. You will probably be better off if you figure out how to configure your router so you can have all three computers on the same LAN. Then Samba will work perfectly for what you want. If you are looking for a way to move/share files over the internet, I have found that ssh works very well. I use's client for this (free for non-commercial use).
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Postby Grommet - Space Cadet » 2005-03-21 02:48

yes you can put samba accross the internet......ports 127-130 are amongst the ports you need to forward......

Most people dont throw their filesystem at the net to be hacked away at.tho....I think the general plan is to VPN to your office then share files via Samba through the tunnel...

your issue however is that you have not configured your PCs correctly therefore i would expect that forwarding ports may be beyond you also at this time...

Look at configing your PCs....

ifconfig is what your looking for on Linux....

IPconfig /all is your command line command in Windows nt/2k/xp so you can see what your actually getting as an IP etc....

static IP addressing is fine just tell them they are etc and it will work....
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