Dnsmask adds local domain to external destination

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Dnsmask adds local domain to external destination

Postby xdoustaly » 2015-10-07 12:38

Hi everyone.

Computers of my network are connected to the Internet through a Debian firewall/dns using IpTables and DnsMask.
Everything works fine except the access to some (very few) websites and I can't figure out what the issue is... Here is what I get :

Trying to access to dell.com gives me an unreachable destination.
Accessing to dell.fr is not a problem but then if I want to access to the store, hosted on dell.com, I can't.

With my little knowledge of wireshark, I could just see one weird thing :

A first call to dns for dell.com IP address -> gives an answer with the right IPs
Then another call to get the address of http://www.dell.com.mylocaldomain.com -> ??? why are you looking for this ???
This second call obviously give me a unknown destination error.

Any idea of tests I could made to know where the problem is ?

dig dell.com works
dig http://www.dell.com doesn't work (no output)
ping http://www.dell.com doesn't work (no output)
ping dell.com doesn't work (PING dell.com ( 56(84) bytes of data. and then no more output, wireshark only shows successive infinite ping requests)
traceroute http://www.dell.com doesn't work (no output)
traceroute dell.com works
trying to reach directly IP address given by dig doesn't work either

(2 unreachable addresses where noticed in 5 years)
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