32 bit apps on wine can not see system fonts

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32 bit apps on wine can not see system fonts

Postby daverove » 2015-10-23 16:56

I've just installed Debian 8.2 KDE 64bit, installed wine, and found that a 32-bit Windows program (Agent newsreader) could not see the linux system fonts. (This worked fine on Kubuntu 14.04)

Since this is the first time that I've installed Debian, I'm not sure if I'm missing something obvious or if this is an actual bug. Any ideas please?

Steps to reproduce:
Fresh install of Debian 8.2 KDE 64bit.
apt-get install wine
wine wordpad # this is a small word-processor for wine that is supplied with wine
menu -> format -> font
all linux fonts are visible -- so far so good

Because I want to use a 32bit program, I now have to do this, I understand:
dpkg --add-architecture i386
apt-get update
apt-get install wine-bin:i386

But after that,if I run "wine wordpad" and look at the fonts, all the linux system fonts are gone.
The only fonts visible are the nine that are built into wine (Courier, Fixedsys, Marlett etc..)
So installing the i386 wine support seems to have broken something.
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