Enhanced nf_conntrack configuration

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Enhanced nf_conntrack configuration

Postby mabra » 2017-02-12 21:36


Instead of running a sniffer (like tcpdump and Co) and manually decode the traffic, I want to use
the "nf_conntrack" module to track new, incoming packets at my firewall, because conntrack already
knows, which packets are "cross-firewall". But conntrack does not give packet information.
If one runs:
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conntrack -E -e new -o id,timestamp,ktimestamp

it returns output like this:
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[NEW] ipv4     2 udp      17 30 src= dst= sport=123 dport=123 [UNREPLIED] src= dst= sport=123 dport=123 id=1339159792

This output has no packet information. Though, for the first packet it is to expect
beeing one (1), but there is a payload, which is not given!
If one may wait for the "destroy" event, these information are there:
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[DESTROY] ipv4     2 udp      17 src= dst= sport=123 dport=123 packets=1 bytes=76 src= dst= sport=123 dport=123 packets=1 bytes=76 delta-time=30 id=91791024

But this is really a bad idea - it requires me to wait, at least for tcp-connections, for hours.
If there is no way to configure "nf_conntrack", which other tool can be used for this ??

Thanks anyway,
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