lxde menu not updating - found a fix

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lxde menu not updating - found a fix

Postby Bulkley » 2017-02-12 23:29

It might help to read this thread first.

Okay. I'm running Stretch with Openbox using the Openbox menu and lxde pipe menu. The lxde pipe contains a Debian menu in it. The Debian menu has had problems with missing programs for some time but lately the Lxde menu has developed a similar pattern. Debian uses the traditional menu script; Lxde uses the desktop script which is different. Note that the desktop script is used by all the desktops. To see the difference go to /usr/share/menu for the traditional listing and /usr/share/applications for the desktop listing. Pick any application found in both listings and compare the scripts. Both are legitimate, just for different purposes. On my machine the lxde pipe menu was merging the two listings and conflicting them causing some items to fail to show when right clicking on my Openbox. If yours is missing applications, read on.

Now open /etc/xdg/menus/lxde-applications.menu . Near the top you will find this:
Code: Select all
  <!-- Debian menu -->

After saving a copy you can block the Debian portion by adding <!-- and --> like this:
Code: Select all
 <!-- Debian menu -->
    <!-- <Menu>-->
      <!-- <Name>Debian</Name>-->
      <!-- <Directory>lxde-debian.directory</Directory>-->
      <!-- <MergeFile>debian-menu.menu</MergeFile>-->
   <!-- </Menu>-->

You will have to do this as root, of course, followed by update-menus. If you have the same file in your ~/.config/openbox directory you will have to repeat the changes.

Having removed the Debian menu from the Lxde pipe you will want to add it to your base Openbox menu. Both menus are useful. As I said, they are for different purposes. You can use Obmenu to add it back. Or you can open ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml and add <menu id="/Debian"/>
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