modem-manager-gui config

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modem-manager-gui config

Postby ericg75 » 2017-03-13 21:23

Hello to all you good people out there... yes- OK- I know:

Wondering HOW and IF I can get Modem-Manager-GUI find/discover and work on a TP-LINK Wireless Dual band PCI Express adapter that I have installed in my Debian 8 (Jessie) system??

I am *attempting* to configure a wifi hot-spot for my home and need an appropriate control interface. I am hoping that Modem-Manager-GUI is it. The documented help site for Modem-Manager-GUI is "DOWN".

Many thanks for reading my post.

PS: Also: regarding Modem-Manager_GUI: I am seeing (in it's terminal window) the following message- and I am wondering that that is about! Is it a problem? Is it 'normal? How to quiet it down.

(yelp:1545): Gtk-WARNING **: Symbolic icon yelp-bookmark-remove-symbolic-ltr of size 16 is in an icon theme directory of size 128
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