Raid 5 corrupt - no md superblock

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Raid 5 corrupt - no md superblock

Postby grechk » 2017-03-16 05:02

Help me, please...
I have a server with 5 + 1 spare hard drive after replacing the controller is damaged of the two hard disk partition table.
Hard drives are 4 x 2 TB mbr and 2 x 4 tb gpt used as if they were 2 tb. I started some time ago to upgrade from 2 to 4 TB. The operating system is debian 8 and is installed on / dev / md0 raid 5.
The data is on / dev / md1 and filesystem is ext4 and was created on a software raid 5 + lvm.
Now I reinstalled the old controller and I recovered tables with testdisk but I can not let assemble the raid. I have not tried forcing or other transactions that could worsen the situation.
I'm desperate, many data are not important but a part is critical.
Thank you
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