Samba and files with special characters

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Samba and files with special characters

Postby papaavola » 2017-03-29 16:38


I have Debian Jessie and Samba 4.1.14-Debian installed.

I was configured Samba and we can access it's shares from our Windows 7 workstations.
We have big trouble with file names and folder names that contains letters with umlauts (like ÄÖÅ )
For some reason Samba hides those files and folders when we try acces those via share.
I can access files normally using ftp/sftp or directly from console but not via Samba.

Servers uses UTF-8 character set and windows should use CP850.
Those character sets are defaults for Samba, if I understand correctly.

I was try add following lines to global section in smb.conf:
unix charset=UTF-8
dos charset=CP850
mangled names=off
Also I try turn mangled names = on to see what happens but nothing happens... (is this deprecated?)

It looks like that character conversion is not working.
If I write to share from windows, creating file that have letters with umlauts in its name, it works fine from windows but looks funny when looked from console or via ftp (No character conversion from CP850 ->UTF-8).
If I upload file with same name through ftp, I cannot access it through Samba share, but it is ok when looked it from console or via FTP (No character conversion from UTF-8 -> CP850).

Does anyone have solution or any tips what else I can try?

Thank you for advance.
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