Strech 64bit+LXDE: Openvpn gui

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Strech 64bit+LXDE: Openvpn gui

Postby GabrieleMax » 2017-04-11 19:30

Hello everybody! :)

Usually I got KDE and here by kde-network-manager I can use openvpn by graphic mode, on a old Sony Vaio VPCM11M1E I need to use LXDE, in this dm there's wicd but it doesn't manage openvpn, how can I add a graphic feature there or maybe is there a third parties software which can do it?

Maybe for the laptop's user I could make a bash script, something like "Start vpn" and "Stop vpn" by sudo because he need to use just one vpn but I think it's something dirty! :)

I tryed to search on internet but really I didn't find something useful, I don't remember if I found a guy who used a part of network manager but I don't remember it and maybe it could be an issue and something wrong with wicd...

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Re: Strech 64bit+LXDE: Openvpn gui

Postby bw123 » 2017-04-11 22:15

I don't use any dirty vpn, but if networkmanager has the features you want, why can't you just use it instead?

I am pretty sure you can use networkmanager on lxde if you get rid of wicd first.
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