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Postby millpond » 2017-04-15 17:38

I am trying to get OpenVPN working here.

As a client only - I have zero interest in the server.

The repo version might be having problems with the fact that this is a non-systemd version of Jessie. Or rather, libsystemd IS on this system, but systemctl is *not*.

So I compiled a recent version from Git, that defaults to compiling *without* systemd, tossed it in /opt, and it seems to work..
The connections will initialize, and interact until the last step, which is typically the tun/tap switchover.

The make .configuration script seems to indicate that tun is available, but it does not seem to be working.

And I do not know enough about this problem to solve it on Linux.

There seem to be tun scripts, BUT they seem to be for the server, and I certainly do not want the system to boot into tun or remain after the client is closed. In what little I can find that issue is muddled.

On Win it is simpler. You can call TAP with a script and set the routing table (if necessary - OVPN normally handles that). OVPN also typically defaults to resetting the routing table there on exit.
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Postby pylkko » 2017-04-24 19:40

I feel bad, I wish I could help. I use OpenVPN daily, and have setup my own server on a openWRT box but after reading your post three times I still don't undertand literally a word about what you are saying. But what I do know from expierence is that there are so many different ways to setup a VPN that one small misconfigured step can make the entire system not work. Could you please explain in more detail what the setup is and how you are using it. As I undertand, you have a Jessie client. And I presume you are trying to form a connetion to a public server? Can you show the requirements/config required by that server?
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