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Postby millpond » 2017-04-15 17:38

I am trying to get OpenVPN working here.

As a client only - I have zero interest in the server.

The repo version might be having problems with the fact that this is a non-systemd version of Jessie. Or rather, libsystemd IS on this system, but systemctl is *not*.

So I compiled a recent version from Git, that defaults to compiling *without* systemd, tossed it in /opt, and it seems to work..
The connections will initialize, and interact until the last step, which is typically the tun/tap switchover.

The make .configuration script seems to indicate that tun is available, but it does not seem to be working.

And I do not know enough about this problem to solve it on Linux.

There seem to be tun scripts, BUT they seem to be for the server, and I certainly do not want the system to boot into tun or remain after the client is closed. In what little I can find that issue is muddled.

On Win it is simpler. You can call TAP with a script and set the routing table (if necessary - OVPN normally handles that). OVPN also typically defaults to resetting the routing table there on exit.
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