Automatically add user to all groups?

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Re: Automatically add user to all groups?

Postby debiman » 2017-05-04 04:05

jibberjabber wrote:
by steve_v » If adduser added new users to all groups by default it would be chaos, this is a task that is critical to system security and requires human intelligence behind the wheel.

I need to add several new users to the PC
is this what this code does ? :
I was searching the forum and wanting to learn more about using the adduser command is this script safe to use ?
I also have been looking at this :
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man adduser
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man usermod

no, and no.
as was pointed out already, this script does something very questionable.
it is hard to perceive how this could even be useful on one particular setup, but it definitely is NOT something you want to suggest/recommend to others.
you should use the tools that are usually present on any linux distro, and take the time to understand what you're doing and how to achieve it.
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