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Re: Stretch performance

Postby duffy » 2017-09-11 16:34

I was running Jessie and installed Stretch when 9.1 became available. I tried 9.0, but had many installation issues and couldn't get it to run.

I tried the Gnome and Cinnamon desktops on my dual core Intel Pentium D x86-64, but they over powered my processor. I re-installed Debian 9.1 for the i386 since I have only one GB ram, and don't intend to add more. I also loaded LXDE and XFCE desktops to reduce the processor load. I'm running the 4.9.0-3-686-pae kernel without having the lags and stoppages I was having with Gnome and Cinnamon for x86-64.

I like Debian 9.1 with LXDE. It is my goto distribution and desktop.
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Re: Stretch performance

Postby Bulkley » 2017-09-11 17:20

We should never confuse an OS with the programs we choose to operate on them or the hardware we choose to install to. Programs that are sourced outside of the proper Debian repository are notoriously risky. No matter how much testing we do there will always be programs that interfere with each other, for example Network-Manager and Wicd. The big desktops are so resource heavy that they can bog down an older machine. If you watch this forum for a long time you will see lots of problems associated with proprietary hardware such as video and printers; the use of proprietary drivers may or may not make things better. The days of users only installing Linux on a PC are over. The assortment of hardware that an OS is expected to cope with is expanding.
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