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Re: Network problems

Postby dasein » 2017-07-06 20:24

p3t3rp1Lz wrote:cannot google a good description for how to do that. I´m sorry.

Oh pullllleeeaaaazzzze... :roll:

Gee, I wonder what esoteric, arcane query terms might return search results that would tell someone how to blacklist a driver in Debian? ... +in+debian

And no, I won't come to your house and click the link for you.

Obligatory time-saver link for a poster too farqing lazy to invest ten seconds of time and effort to solving his own problem: ucp.php?i=zebra&mode=foes&add=p3t3rp1Lz
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Re: Network problems

Postby v&n » 2017-07-07 04:49

p3t3rp1Lz wrote:Well I´m pretty sure I installed it, but blacklisting? Even cannot google a good description for how to do that. I´m sorry.

While it's highly unlikely that manually blacklisting the module is required, I'm sorry too. In order to be comfortable with Debian, you really do need to be smart enough to at least figure out such trivial things by yourself, using self-help like documentation or a quick internet search of course. :)
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