multimedia keyboard with stretch

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multimedia keyboard with stretch

Postby morgon » 2017-07-08 21:53


I am setting up a new stretch-system and it's surprisingly hard to get back all the behavior I am used to.

I have a "multimedia keyboard" (it that is the right term) that has some extra buttons for volume up, volume down, pause etc.

In my last installation I did not do anything these buttons just worked and controlled pulseaudio volume.

Not anymore.

When I press e.g. "volume up" I get a graphical indication with a volume bar that is going up (as before), but (and this is new) this is all I get. The slider in the GUI goes up, but the actual sound does not change a bit.

So what kind of goat do I have to sacrifice to make these buttons work again?

Many thanks!

I have 6 keys. Vol up, down, mute, stop/play foward, backward. The stop/play forward and backward buttons work, only the volume-related buttons do not actually change the volume. I suppose it is to do with pulseaudio.
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