WiFi FAILS using "plasma-widget-networkmanagement"

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WiFi FAILS using "plasma-widget-networkmanagement"

Postby jaja » 2017-07-16 01:36

Hello, and thanks for the help.

In Debian Jessie KDE, after installing the KDE WiFi package named "plasma-widget-networkmanagement", Firefox FAILS to connect using the WiFi adaptor.

I'm perplexed because:
- the "Network Management" Widget shows a successful WiFi network connection;
- Conky shows a successful WiFi network connection (including IP address).
So the WiFi connection is working at some level.

To determine if the user is missing group permission to access the WiFi network, I tried:
- sudo adduser <username> netdev
But Firefox still FAILS to connect.
So it is not a group permission problem.

To determine if this failure is a package problem:
- I uninstalled the KDE WiFi package named "plasma-widget-networkmanagement".
- I installed a more primitive WiFi package named "wicd".
Using the WiFi package named "wicd", Firefox SUCCESSFULLY connects using the WiFi adaptor.
So it is a package problem. But why does the primitive package work, while the more advanced KDE package fails?

How do I get the WiFi to work using the KDE package named "plasma-widget-networkmanagement"?

Again, thanks for the help.


Below is how I did the tests:

<Fresh install of Debian Jessie KDE>

<Firefox SUCCESSFULLY connects using wired ethernet>

<turn power "on" to WiFi/BlueTooth transceivers using notebooks mechanical switch>
<su root>
apt-get update && apt-get install --yes plasma-widget-networkmanagement
adduser <username> netdev
<disconnect cable from wired ethernet port to force WiFi connection>
<add "Network Management" widget to toolbar>
<open "Network Management" widget>
<select network>
<enter password>
<widget shows successful WiFi connection>
<Firefox FAILS to connect using WiFi adaptor>
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