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nfs mount

Postby carex » 2017-07-25 17:42

Just for info.
I had the following line in /etc/fstab (Jessie) /mnt/synolo nfs noauto,user,ro,hard,intr,noexec 0 0

This was not working with strech. I had to add vers=2 to make it work with Stretch /mnt/synolo nfs noauto,user,ro,hard,intr,noexec,vers=2 0 0

Now I can just mount /mnt/synolo in stretch like I did in Jessie.
Hope this can be usefull.
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Re: nfs mount

Postby maximus1978 » 2017-07-29 14:54


What about mounting it manually and then checking /etc/mtab?

I'm curious as to what line shows up there. It can then also be added to your /etc/fstab.
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