Debian 8 software raid clonezilla

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Debian 8 software raid clonezilla

Postby gaijin » 2017-08-24 09:43

I have a server with software raid 1 with two disks.
Everything worked fine but I wanted to make a disk image.
I started clonezilla at nodmraid (because raid) and I made a RAW image. All was OK - image restored completly. The disk was not big (80GB) and the picture did not quite big (20GB) and the creation took 5h

I tried the same thing on a server with 1TB disks and here came the problem. The image was supposed to do 30h a and began to grow terribly while creating, even though it was then on a server with 10GB of data. The server has 3 partitions /(sda1), home(sda5) and swap(sda6)
I thought I would write a partition image

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Sfdisk -d / dev / sda> sda.partition.table.2017.txt

I copy the data from sda5 (8GB) and I will make clonezilla the system image /(sda1).
Unfortunately I tested on a virtualbox and did not want to work. I use partition image, saves data to sda5 and the system does not start.

Does anyone see a solution to make an image but not take up a lot of space, of course except to synchronize data with another drive on the operating system? I just want a copy of the operating system. Copies of data I do regularly.
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