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Chroot Bind9

Postby threepwood » 2017-08-29 12:50


I just mounted a Debian 9.1, basic installation, with nothing, just ssh.
I installed Bind9: apt-get install bind9
I have not modified the bind configuration.
Then I would chroot my Bind, I followed the procedure here:

Once restarted, my bind works, but I have errors:

couldn't mkdir '//run': Permission denied
generating session key for dynamic DNS
couldn't mkdir '//run': Permission denied
could not create //run/named/session.key
failed to generate session key for dynamic DNS: permission denied

I tried to play with the permissions, but it has not changed, I do not know too much or look.

Thank you for your help.
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Re: Chroot Bind9

Postby GarryRicketson » 2017-08-29 15:17

I don't think you can create a double // directory. Also you would need to be
root to make a directory there.
The link does not link to any specific thread, I don't feel like browsing that entire forum
trying to figure out which thread it is.
I tried to play with the permissions, but it has not changed,

Changing and "playing" with the permissions, when " I do not know too much" you don't even know what the changes will do is not very wise.
Changing the permissions won't fix this, hope you saved the info on what the original
permissions were.
Code: Select all
man mkdir

Create a directory named foobar:

$ mkdir foobar

Create a directory named foobar and set its file mode to 700:

$ mkdir -m 700 foobar

Create a directory named cow/horse/monkey, creating any non-existent
intermediate directories as necessary:

$ mkdir -p cow/horse/monkey

Hint, just because it say "permission denied" does not mean that it is the permissions settings, it can also mean the operation simply is not permitted, in this case the // is
what is not permitted, as far as I know,...of course I could be wrong , since I do not know everything.
Something like this would work :
Code: Select all
$ mkdir -p run/foobar/this
 cd run/foobar/this
$ pwd

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Like I said this does not link to any thread, but in any event, if you are following
a procedure or "how to", on that forum, it would probably be best to ask the author of
the procedure, ... why their procedure does not work for you. If you want help form here,
please post the details on exactly what you did. Please use "code boxes" for the commands, and code.
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Re: Chroot Bind9

Postby threepwood » 2017-08-31 11:06

Thank you for your information and comments.
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