No link light with fresh install

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Re: No link light with fresh install

Postby v&n » 2017-09-05 07:54

tynman wrote:I would tend to interpret that to mean there is a hardware problem. As long as the computer has power, then the NIC's port lights should show some life when a network cable is plugged into it. And if that's the case, all this talk about network drivers and NIC settings are for naught.

Not necessarily. I kinda remember having faced such problems, more than once, where both the NIC lights remain completely dead, until fixed via software tweaks. "Kinda" because I don't remember whether the fix included changing BIOS/UEFI settings or just the kernel/driver tweaks. Besides, the OP here has confirmed it works with Ubuntu.
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Re: No link light with fresh install

Postby paulzeye » 2017-09-05 12:04

Hi Tyman,
I think you're right- this does seem to be a hardware problem. The NUC has an option for Network boot in the BIOS. I've selected this to test network connectivity and am not able to establish link with this setting either. Somehow this hardware failure happened with my reinstall so I thought they were related somehow.

Thanks everyone for help and suggestions.

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