Dual screen and Mozilla Softwares

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Dual screen and Mozilla Softwares

Postby Fripouille » 2017-09-12 12:24

Hi there

I have just installed Debian 4.12 (Buster) on a brand new Dell XPS 13". I have no issue when using the laptop, however, I do have a problem when using the dock. An extra-screen is plugged-in (VGA) to be used in dual mode. This screen has a much lower definition (1280x1024) than the built-in laptop screen (3200x1800). The external screen is detected correctly, I can use it and most softwares I have been using (terminal, file, LibreOffice, Gimp and so on) are correctly displayed. I mean the police and window size is as expected and as it used to be when I worked with the previous desktop computer (Debian too).

The weird and funny thing is that, for both Thunderbird and Firefox, I can see only 1/4 of the window and police size is gigantic! Now way to reduce the two things. I can use it of course but well, I am not that old and I would be happy with a standard display...

Has anybody experienced such a thing? Any idea about how to solve the problem? What information would you need?


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Re: Dual screen and Mozilla Softwares

Postby debiman » 2017-09-14 18:47

it seems to be an issue with dpi resolution.
the same dpi is applied to the secondary monitor as to your first (high density) monitor.
maybe you can tell Xorg to use separate settings for separate monitors.

oops, i missed that only mozilla software is doing that.
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