Primary monitor during boot and session.

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Primary monitor during boot and session.

Postby Coline » 2017-09-23 07:53


I have one primary screen and a video-projector I use only for some movies or some series. The primary screen is connected using DVI and the VP is connected using VGA. When I boot my PC, it's always the VP which is used by the computer and considered as the "primary screen".
Actually, I would like that the VP to be "active" only with display software and not with "hardware connection". Any idea how to do that ? Thanks you ! :)
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Re: Primary monitor during boot and session.

Postby ruffwoof » 2017-09-23 10:04

IIRC my BIOS setup includes various options to set the order of boot device and display card/device (usb, cd, hdd ...etc. for boot device and pci card ... etc. for display device). Seem to recall it being a little cryptic in choice of names, not just simple vga, pci ...etc.

EDIT ... having rebooted

In mine its under Advanced Chipset BIOS menu option Primary Video Controller section ... where there are combinations of choices of
PCI (which is regular PCI slot)
GFX0 (PCI-e 16 slot)
GPP (PCI-e 1 slot)
IGFX (integrated on board)

Assuming your VGA is integrated on board and your DVI is via a PCI board then you'd select the option that had the PCI before IGFX, maybe something like PCI-GFX0-IGFX-GPP

Bearing in mind that different boards/BIOS have different menus/arrangements.
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Re: Primary monitor during boot and session.

Postby debiman » 2017-09-23 11:01

on a graphical desktop, the issue is easily resolved with xrandr or one of its many frontends.
if what disturbs you is during boot, you should definitely check out the bios, and i think there's kernel parameters that can tell the kernel which monitor to use. or to disable the VP.
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