Problem after installation ngx_pagespeed

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Problem after installation ngx_pagespeed

Postby w_sloma » 2017-09-28 13:27

Hello everyone.
I am new and just starting my experience with Debian 8 64bit on VPS.
I have installed module from Gooogle automatic installation
bash <(curl -f -L -sS \
--nginx-version latest
after this everything is Ok but I dont know what i should do now to enable module.
at the end is :
ngx_pagespeed is ready to be build against nginx.
when running ./configure:
Give ./configure the following arguments:
If this is for integration with an already-built nginx, make sure to include any other arguments you orginally passed to ./configure. you can see these with 'nginx -V'.

Can anyone help me to configure this to work ?

Bests regards
sorry for my english.
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