network admin for jessie

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network admin for jessie

Postby _natty_ » 2017-11-07 13:19

wich one is the default connection manager for jessie ?

ive strange behavior around the a static ip for my ethernet and vpn.
if i start my pc, no widget on theright in the clock area, but the "static" connection set from /etc/network/interfaces on eth0 works, if i run ifconfig eth0 got the setted ip address.

if I start network i cant see my wired connection
if i start network-maneger i see the connection but is setted on dhcp and he brokes my connection! ive to run again something like sudo dhclient eth0 for making internet working again.

if I try to delete old vpn connection from both at the next reboot the vpn are again present...

so how can i add a vpn to connection and still using my setting for the wired connection without conflict like now?

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