Assemble and mount RAID array at boot

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Assemble and mount RAID array at boot

Postby Toxiro » 2017-11-09 15:09


since I am not able to use the default mdadm auto-assembling (see here and here, also someone at linux-raid told me that this is most probably a bug with the journal function), I try to write my own script to assemble and mount my RAID array at boot.

Is an init.d script that starts and mounts or unmounts and stops the array the right way to go?

I want the array to be assembled and mounted as soon as possible and unmounted as late as possible, because other services (MySQL) use it, how do I achieve that? As far as I understand I cannot use /etc/fstab for mounting, because the array will not be assembled when fstab is loaded.

Do I even have to take care of unmounting and stopping or will this work automatically, even if it was not started automatically?
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