"High" idle CPU usage since upgrade to Stretch

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"High" idle CPU usage since upgrade to Stretch

Postby nine99 » 2017-11-09 18:10

Hello guys,

I have a simple Proxmox host, that runs several virtual machines with Debian and since the upgrade from Jessie to Stretch, I am experiencing a weird issue:
The total CPU load on the host was quite low around 1% while idle, nowadays it is at 6%. It isn't a critical "oh my god I need more power", more like a "What happened?" kind of issue.

I still have one Jessie VM that still has a low idle CPU load (0.2%), all other debian machines are running on stretch and show an idle CPU load of 1.5-2%, looking like this:


Again... I am complaining on a high level here, but what could be the issue? I don't run any more services or alike than before upgrading to stretch.

Thank you for your help, and sorry for my english. It's not my mother tongue :) .
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Re: "High" idle CPU usage since upgrade to Stretch

Postby makh » 2017-11-10 05:13


You can probably use top/conky to see which processes are running and consuming the cpu, first of all.
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Re: "High" idle CPU usage since upgrade to Stretch

Postby steve2507 » 2018-01-02 09:28

Just wanted to confirm here that I have the exact same 'problem'. Proxmox is reporting a (relatively speaking) much higher idle cpu between stretch and jessie.
I even setup a test with two fresh installs of stretch and jessie side-by-side, showing the exact same idle cpu result from the moment they are up and running.

These tests were conducted 2 months ago. I can recall that I couldn't find very interesting facts from reading top. If I have some time I'll see if I can replay and post some of the results.
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Re: "High" idle CPU usage since upgrade to Stretch

Postby lojzik » 2018-01-09 20:39

I have this problem with Jessie on host and Stretch on guest. Idle in guest => 0,2% (Jessie), 5% (Stretch) in host . it does not matter if guest is fresh install or upgrade from Jessie.
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Re: "High" idle CPU usage since upgrade to Stretch

Postby czeekaj » 2018-01-09 23:08

I ran top on a clean install, of debian stretch. I am idle no more that 1% on an ivybridge.
Xorg, and topitself are no more than 0.3% each. It says 99.9% idle Cpu%. I come from windows, this over head is insane.
On my laptop, I running a different Distro which isn't a fresh install. It only has 4gb of ram, and an older cpu. Not exactly debian anymore but it's pretty much Jessie. I have over 40 tabs open and I have 90% idle cpu and 80% of my ram is free. Windows I couldn't run 20 tabs without risking hanging. Oh and running Open VPN. If I let it sit even with browser open the CPU use will pretty much go down to where I don't even see any activity on the UI. Laptop preforms better than before.
Funny linux problems :)
Although at idle on Stretch I am getting about 2% or higher as well. Which imo is pretty high and I can't see, to see what is using it. Top doesn't notify me of anything but thunar at 7% and the XFCE taskmanager says 0% down the whole side.
So I not sure, there is some cpu unaccounted for in top I see 1.1 us 0.6 sys and 98.2 id. Not sure. I n00b at this seems most is accounted for in top,
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