QEMU Windows OpenGl driver

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QEMU Windows OpenGl driver

Postby fenimus » 2017-12-22 07:19

I'm using a windows 7 virtual machine in QEMU/KVM emulator.
In the Windows Device Manager contains standard VGA driver, which supports the version of OpenGL 1.1.
I need a version of OpenGL 2.0 or more.
in Linux I have graphics built into the processor а GL_VERSION = 3.0 Mesa 13.0.6.

Where can I find the windows driver for the virtual graphics adapter?
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Re: QEMU Windows OpenGl driver

Postby Capitain_Jack » 2017-12-22 11:43

fenimus wrote:Where can I find the windows driver for the virtual graphics adapter?

Hi there, I'm not familiar with it, but this link maybe can help:

Please, if you find the solution, be kind to come back and edit the first message title adding [SOLVED] to the beginning of it, so others can benefit from your solution.
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