No longer able to connect to server!

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No longer able to connect to server!

Postby PCSportswear » 2018-01-17 22:51

Hello, Thanks for looking at my post, I'm in dire need of some help!

I can no longer mount my network server drive on our Debian Print Work Station!

My company recently switched to a new Large Format Rip Software (Caldera). I originally set it up on a Mac I had, but it was much too slow to run efficiently. So I built a nice powerful machine to install run the software on the suggested Linux os, Debian.

The computer is currently running the latest version of Debian and originally I could easily connect to our server by just finding it in the network tab and double clicking the server and punching in the login credentials.

I also had no problems using Mount Tool to more permanently mount the drive. Everything was working great for about 2 months, I could restart the computer and the server drive would automatically connect perfectly. I recently had to restart our server for an update (Which is really just a Windows 10 computer). After which every computer which vary from different OS from xp - vm's - windows - mac all had no problems reconnecting, but for some reason I cannot get the Debian computer to connect again for the life of me!!

When I try to connect through the Network Map, I get an error that says:
"Unable to mount location
Failed to retrieve share list from server: Connection timed out."

When I try to connect through Mount Tool, I get these two errors:
1st error "An error has occurred. Please check your server configuration."
2nd error "protocol negotiation failed: NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_RESET"

I should also mention, it's having no problems talking to a few other Windows Machine's on the network that also have shared folders.

I also didn't have a problem pinging the two computers IP's through the network. (I could ping the windows 10 computer server through Terminal on the Debian machine, and I could ping the Debian computer through CMD on the windows server)

A little background about my skill level with Linux/Windows. I am some what familiar with Ubuntu, I had a home computer that ran it for a couple of years. However I never really did any networking with it or used it for anything more than watching videos etc. I have set up several servers and have been a Windows/Mac tech for quite sometime.

So while I am pretty computer literate, I would definitely say I am a pretty big Debian noob. :oops:

Any help would be beyond amazing! This is slowing down our production a lot as we have to download the files onto a flash drive and then transfer them onto the printer computer.

Again thanks in advance!!
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