How to enable iGLX for use with TurboVNC

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How to enable iGLX for use with TurboVNC

Postby cokicoke » 2018-02-21 14:04


I've been trying to get this setup startet for a few weeks now, but it just won't work properly.
I want to use a dedicated server for graphics rendering that I can access from all over the network. Therefore I need to get VirtualGL running via TurboVNC. I tried it with these to setups, but both get the same errors:

-Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
-Nvidia 9500 GT
-Debian Stretch 9.3

-Intel Xeon E5-1620
-Nvidia GTX 1080
-Ubuntu 16.04.3

I am using the non-free drivers on both systems, but changing it to nouveau doesn't seem to change anything.

-I've installed TurboVNC and got it to run pretty easily, the performance is fine and I get a desktop which I can normally use for browsing etc.
-Then I installed and configured VirtualGL

The Problem now is, that if I try to run any Application via VNC, it can't use GLX. For example running "vglrun -d :1 glxinfo" ends up in with this:
Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":1".
Applications like firefox just print out the warning but work fine.

Trying to open paraview, which is the application that this will be mostly used for, I get the same warnings and the application crashes after a few seconds.
I read somewhere that the xserver since version 1.17 or so doesn't allow indirect GLX anymore cause of some security issues with it. There should be a way to tell the xserver with "+igl" to enable this feature, but I don't really know where the xserver gets called. I didn't found anything in the vncserver skript for it.
Also setting the "IndirectGLX" flag in the xorg.conf doesn't change anything. I am pretty sure, starting a desktop over TurboVNC completely ignores the xorg.conf!?

Is there anyone having any idea on how to enable this indirect glx extension? I would be really thankful for any help. This just bothers me for to long now.

Best greetings
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