Stretch: Digikam; keyword problem

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Stretch: Digikam; keyword problem

Postby Velebit » 2018-04-05 10:09

Debian Stable Stretch
Digikam 5.3.0
MariaDB 10.1.26

Problem I ran into is: Not all tags are written in to IPTC keywords or XMP keywords fields.
Digikam enters only the first tag (alphabetic ASCII order) inside the IPTC and XMP keyword field (in the sidecar and inside the picture)

Can anyone confirm/reproduce this?

When searching about this problem I saw this: ... 23059.html
and the solution; ... 23062.html ... 9360458651

What do I need to do, to get this problem fixed in Digikam?

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Re: Stretch: Digikam; keyword problem

Postby Segfault » 2018-04-05 14:13

... or patch and rebuild yourself, it is FOSS after all.
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