I undervolted the Skylake i5-6200u CPU on my laptop

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I undervolted the Skylake i5-6200u CPU on my laptop

Postby stevepusser » 2018-05-09 20:21

Paging bester69! :lol:

With the iuvolt script available here: https://github.com/tiziw/iuvolt

tl;dr: undervolting=reduced heat and power use, increased battery life.

I was doing a long package build of Krita 4.0.2, and temperatures immediately dropped from around 152 F to ~145 F. I could also see the VCore voltage reported by i7z drop by 90 millivolts, just like the suggested command told the machine to do. So far those settings have been stable, though the machine did lock up after several hours when I increased them by 15 millivolts as a test. Has anyone else undervolted their processors using this or the older DHC method?
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