routing packets from gre1 to gre2 and vice versa

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routing packets from gre1 to gre2 and vice versa

Postby strat1959 » 2018-06-15 00:29

hey everyone,
I'm trying to route packets from gre1 to gre2 and vice versa, i've added the route for it but had no luck. I'm wondering if it's possible.
I've got stretch vm on esxi 6.5. I've set up the both gre. and they work fine. but when I try to route the packets with particular destination from gre1 to gre2. it simply can't. I've also checked tcpdump,no packets recognized. but when I ping the same destination address on the vm. it will go through gre2 without any issues.
also I couldn't check what happened to those packets after I got them from gre1 as if I try to capture it via tcpdump with the following command it will automatically check the gre1 interface instead of all the interfaces.
tcpdump -w dump_1.pcap dst host
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