Bewildering behaviour of Lan with Samba on Stretch 9.5

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Bewildering behaviour of Lan with Samba on Stretch 9.5

Postby giul51 » 2018-08-14 12:57

I have an old desktop (i686 architecture, featuring pae and sse but not sse2) onto which I have installed Stretch 9.5
and Xfce 4.12.3 desktop (since KDE doesn’t work on it , presumably due to non-sse2).
I also have an Acer 1670 notebook, running Windows XP Home SP3.
The two are connected through an ethernet home Lan.
After the basic installation of Stretch on the desktop, I went on installing Samba (4.5.12) with the required dependencies
and the only addition of smbclient.
For the smb.conf file I used the one that was working fine in Jessie (at least in the early versions).
Testparm is ok. I am omitting the various details, either for not cluttering this post and because they seems irrelevant
for the core question I am going to pose.
So, I reached to the point where:
- from the notebook side (WinXP) I can perfectly access to the shares created on the Linux host (including printing).
- from the Linux side instead:
- I can list the Windows shares through smbtree and access to them with smbclient
- Thunar does not see any network (“ failed to open /on”), even by trying and force it to smb:/
- so I tried and install Dolphin, it works seamlessly as File Manager, it can see the lan, the workgroup, the two hosts in it.
Now, when browsing the Windows host, after requesting and accepting the password, it correctly shows the three
shares therein, and I can browse up and down any of the three I access first.
But , almost randomly during the browsing, in accessing not a definite folder, suddenly a new request for authorization pops up and loops on that independently of the choice (even giving the root credentials), until exiting with a “access denied to ” and blocking the full access to the host.

I am not an expert either in Linux or in Samba, but I find such a behaviour quite unexpected
and could not succeed and diagnosticate the cause for that. I am asking for suggestions as to where to start
for the diagnosis, thanks.
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