Debian 9 - VNC Setup

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Debian 9 - VNC Setup

Postby NoNameNone » 2018-08-16 06:13


Firtly, I am new to Linux.

I have installed Debian 9 as a webserver and its running fine, but I am having trouble setting up VNC (X11VNC?)

Could someone guide me through it please, I have seen several "how to's", but they are all diffrent and I am worried about messing it up.

Any help greatly apprecited


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Re: Debian 9 - VNC Setup

Postby xendistar » 2018-08-18 21:15

While I can not help you directly it might help others if you can provide more details regarding your issue:

What VNC packages are you trying to setup and use?
What are you VNC-ing to (local PC, what OS) ?
What have you tried so far and has that produced any error messages?
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Re: Debian 9 - VNC Setup

Postby GarryRicketson » 2018-08-18 22:54

I am worried about messing it up.

First thing First,... That is why we make backups, and make sure the back up is good, before going into the system and changing things around.

--snip--but I am having trouble setting up VNC (X11VNC?)

Exactly what is the trouble ? The manual for X11VNC is pretty straight forward:

You need to install X11VNC first:
To install :
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apt install x11vnc

Must be run as root or using sudo,...
After installing x11vnc, follow the instructions in the manual, it usually is easier to use the 'man' command,
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man x11vnc
, instead of needing to go online, often it is really helpful to actually print the manual on paper, so you have handy to read.

So any way, exactly what is the problem, is it with installing it ? Or if you have installed it, does it not start as expected ? or what ?
I am new to Linux

That is fine, but it might be better for you to first off learn a little more about some of the basic linux commands, etc. Especially how to make a good backup, and copies of essential files, configuration files , etc...if you do not know how to do this, or have not done it, that is what needs to be done first.
Can you access this server with ssh ?
Is it a remote server ? or is it a local system, using localhost ?...
There really is not anywhere near enough information on your part to be able to help you much, but I will try:
Could someone guide me through it please, I have seen several "how to's", but they are all different and I am worried about messing it up.

The various "How to's" , and many are good, but yes they are all different , but not that much, they do vary depending on what you are doing, if there is other DE or WM involved, then there is some differences ,...
So that is about it, 1.install x11vnc
2.Link to the manual or use 'man x11nvc' , follow the instructions.
Typical usage is:
Run this command in a shell on the remote machine "far-host" with X session you wish to view:
x11vnc -display :0
Then run this in another window on the machine you are sitting at:
vncviewer far-host:0
Once x11vnc establishes connections with the X11 server and starts listening as a VNC server it will print out a string: PORT=XXXX where XXXX is typically 5900 (the default VNC server port). One would next run something like this on the local machine: "vncviewer hostname:N" where "hostname" is the name of the machine running x11vnc and N is XXXX - 5900, i.e. usually "vncviewer hostname:0".
By default x11vnc will not allow the screen to be shared and it will exit as soon as the client disconnects. See -shared and -forever below to override these protections. See the FAQ for details how to tunnel the VNC connection through an encrypted channel such as ssh(1). In brief:
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ssh -t -L 5900:localhost:5900 far-host 'x11vnc -localhost -display :0'

There is a FAQ link shown in the manual, that covers some common questions,
or if you have problem with it starting, give some specific details and show any error messages, or exactly how you ran the command to access.
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