Wayland removal keeping Gnome

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Wayland removal keeping Gnome

Postby sandrohnakaguma » 2018-09-28 08:11

Is it possible (how?) to remove Gnome Wayland and keeping only Gnome in Debian 9.5 without causing further problems? Since I did an autoremove, wayland caused many problems for me. Some are: Icons disappeared only for Wayland, Eclipse started to flicker (black) on mouse move over the editor, Synaptic stopped working, etc. Thanks in advance. Sorry if this is was answered before. As far as I could check, I couldn't find anything related to my question, sorry.

Sandro H. Nakaguma
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Re: Wayland removal keeping Gnome

Postby arzgi » 2018-09-28 13:39

Welcome to the forums!

There are many problems, which have no single silver bullet to solve.

My suggestion, open terminal, and run:
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aptitude search wayland | grep ^i
so you can see installed wayland packages. Tested it, and even I hame some, although I have XFCE.

Then, to each installed packet:
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aptitude why [packet]

to see if it cannot be removed. Note, aptitude will not say 'you can safely remove this package', that is your decision. But if removing a package would remove half of gnome, perphas it should be left.

Bit tedious, but I think previous step is needed that you don't brick your system.
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Re: Wayland removal keeping Gnome

Postby None1975 » 2018-09-28 14:21

Hello, sandrohnakaguma. In my minimal Debian 9 system, with minimal packages (only wm, no DE and DM), i have one package-ibus-wayland/stable 1.5.14-3 amd64. I think that removing Wayland packages may be a big challenge. I think that doing so will ruin your Debian installation.
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