custom kernel, mouse stops working >= 4.18.0

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custom kernel, mouse stops working >= 4.18.0

Postby hanasaki » 2018-09-30 01:03

Have a custom built kernel that works fine 4.18.0
Just built 4.18.4 through 4.18.11 (current as of today 2018-09-29)
zero mouse functionality in versions after 4.18.0
dmesg and syslog show the mouse at bootup and when unplugged/plugged (USB)
This is a kernel config that I have used for a long time only making required changes for newer kernel versions.
Thoughts as to cause, diagnosis, fix?
Thank you!
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Re: custom kernel, mouse stops working >= 4.18.0

Postby Segfault » 2018-09-30 03:29

Too many open ends.

1. What is a custom kernel for you. Does it mean you start with make allnoconfig and configure your kernel from there? Or does it mean you just do make defconfig or similar target and that's it?
2. How do you upgrade. Do you run make oldconfig and answer the questions or you just copy the .config over?
3. What mouse is it? Some mice may require extra options enabled (HID).

In any case, you could drop your .config into a pastebin for more eyes to look at it and/or you could bisect. Here is mine, in case you want to look at it, USB mouse works.
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Re: custom kernel, mouse stops working >= 4.18.0

Postby broelling » 2018-10-03 14:31

I had the same problem in Sid after dist-upgrading to 4.18.01 some like two weeks ago. But after dist-upgrading to 4.18.02 today the mouse-cursor works again...
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