Cannot install Viber

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Re: Cannot install Viber

Postby GarryRicketson » 2018-10-02 02:39

I was kind of surprised when I saw that one result, overall it sounded pretty popular but
I agree, I think it would be best for you to use that separate, on your cell phone, especially if it is necessary or essential for some business, or personal contacts.
Not everything that comes up in search results is true though, but it defiantly looks like
something to research carefully , first.
I use Virtual Machines for a lot of stuff, other OS's , and even for the same OS, but when I am not sure about the software, or program. That way if there is any problems, the VM might even crash, and need to be rebuilt, but my main system is still intact.
That might be a good option for you , set up a VM and install it to a OS on the VM, you could even use windows on the VM, or if Viber worked well on Ubuntu, use Ubuntu on the VM, and install viber. There is a learning curve involved in setting up a VM , but it is not to hard.
Also, later, take your time and get more familiar with Debian, and you probably can install it , and safely, in a way that it is easy to remove if need be, etc. It is a very common mistake that new Debian users make, to immediately start installing all sorts of programs, software that they used on the other OS (their previous one) or other distro (distribution).
It works out better when they take the time to get a better understanding of Debian first.
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Re: Cannot install Viber

Postby debiman » 2018-10-02 05:57

stevepusser wrote:Even debs from the Debian repo will give you similar errors if you use "dpkg -i" and don't have the dependencies installed.

so i was wrong.
i stand corrected.
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Re: Cannot install Viber

Postby captaink » 2018-10-27 09:11

If you still wanna install viber, you can install it using flatpak, which may be probably safer for your debian system.
I use it too & installs/works fine from there.

According to the page (which was wisely posted previously), flatpak & snap are considered a safer way to install applications not found in Debian Stable.

Please note: Viber .deb is a bit unmaintained, even using the latest ubuntu LTS (18.04) you encounter problems. (Fyi, the .deb file on viber website is for Ubuntu & works with previous LTS, 16.04). So I think you shouldn't use this package with Debian.
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