Rebuild a Debian bootable ISO for ARM64 customized settings

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Rebuild a Debian bootable ISO for ARM64 customized settings

Postby jrobin28260 » 2018-11-09 20:44


I'm not talking about AMD64 but ARM64 (like Qualcomm chips for mobile or multimedia devices)

I know that there is already an ARM64 version of available ISO, with EFI/GRUB, and it's cool because I have and UEFI for this ARM64 device that can boot up on USB or SD cards, trough EFI boot menu.
But as every Linux version for ARM 64 (at least every Debian and Every Ubuntu, including the last one 18.10) doesn't boot up when trying to boot (freeze on the EFI boot screen like a not compatible CPU) I guess I need to build with customized settings about CPU architecture.

Do you know where I should start from ? I would like to start from the latest available source (even if unstable) because Linux 4.18 and upper now embeds everything about Qualcomm CPUs drivers and functionalities.
I'm also aware that there is a lot, lot lot lot of things to build (not just the kernel) when talking about a Debian system (even minimalist system). I have a big computer with lot of RAM and CPUS and local SSD storage, and 1Gbps Internet connection for getting source code. But we'll see if it enough!

Thank you in advance for your advice
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